Psychology Class Conducts Speed Dating Experiment

The normally quiet third floor of the Fonseca Center was filled with decorations and buzzing with conversations on Wednesday, February 27, as dozens of students gathered to participate in a speed dating psychology experiment.
The experiment was conducted by Lisa Berrol’s psychology class, which is studying different theories of attraction. Although traditional speed dating is typically reserved for those looking for a romantic partner, the students running the event were clear that this event was open to anyone, including those just looking to find a new friend or those interested in trying something new.

The students were fully in charge of the event, from setting the research parameters, devising the research tools, communicating the event to the community and hosting it. Some even participated as speed daters, testing some of the concepts they had learned about in class. After the event, the students gathered data from participants and analyzed it.

The speed dating experiment didn’t just give the psychology students first-hand experience with research, it also allowed them to work together to host a fun event for fellow students. And based on the chatter and smiles of participants, a good time was had by all.

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