Head of Upper School Aims to Spread Gratitude


Dr. Nikki Willis, Head of Upper School, is on a mission to spread gratitude throughout The Masters School community.

The initiative, aptly named Project Gratitude, aims to spread gratitude and positivity with written words of thanks. The initiative is simple but powerful: members of the community write a card to someone for whom they are grateful and then give the card to that person. “The hope is by spreading positive energy, it will ripple out,” Willis explained.

The project is in a nascent phase, and Willis has plans to grow it. She shared that three juniors have already signed up to be “spirit captains” who will join her in growing Project Gratitude. 

For now, anyone who wants to write a note of gratitude can stop by Willis’ office, where she has a supply of cards and pens. It only takes a few minutes to write a note of thanks to someone, and, Willis said, “It feels good to send positive waves into the world.”

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