Community Members Roll Up Their Sleeves to Save Lives

Thanks to a student-led initiative, the Fonseca Center gym was transformed into a blood drive center on Wednesday, April 10, with students, parents and faculty members lining up to donate.

The event was spearheaded by Molly Rusoff ’21, who became aware of the importance of donating blood after several of her family members had required blood transfusions. Rusoff was just three days short of the age requirement, 16, to donate blood during a drive on Super Bowl Sunday this year, and so took matters into her own hands. “I didn’t want to have to wait another year, so I decided to run a blood drive at Masters so the Masters community and I had the opportunity to give blood and help save lives.”

Rusoff worked with the School and the New York Blood Center to plan and host the drive. “The community was pretty enthusiastic about it,” shared Rusoff. “Lots of people signed up, including students, parents, teachers and staff.”

The results from the day will certainly have an impact on those who are in need of blood donations. Around 50 people participated and approximately 34 donations were collected. Rusoff, who hopes to continue the drive in the coming years, emphasized the collective effort that went into the day’s results. “I want to thank everyone who volunteered to donate and everyone who helped out.”

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