Constitution Marsh Affords Insight Into Hudson River

Sixth grade students hopped into canoes and paddled through Constitution Marsh in Garrison, NY, on Thursday, May 2.

The trip was a continuation of the grade’s yearlong study of the Hudson River. Students spent the day at the marsh and its wildlife sanctuary and explored the wetland during three activities. They experienced tidal marsh ecology as they canoed into the marsh; studied organisms they caught in Indian Brook, a tributary of the Hudson River; and observed the marsh during a hike through its trails. “This year-end trip allows the students to see macroinvertebrates firsthand,” said Dan Russo, Middle School science teacher. He noted that the trip also “affords the students the chance to get up close and personal with Hudson River marine life.”

“It is my greatest hope that students realize the importance of wetlands, such as Constitution Marsh,” Russo explained. “They are vital to the overall health of the Hudson River and provide a sanctuary to a wide variety of organisms. I hope that the students decide to be an advocate for the survival of wetlands.”

The trip was the final Hudson River outing before students present their Hudson River projects on Thursday, May 23, from 9:00-11:00 AM in the Doc Wilson Hall. All members of the Masters community are invited and encouraged to attend.


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