Eighth Grade Showcases Curricula at Arts Expo

The eighth grade’s yearlong exploration of American identity and study of American rock music culminated in a rousing Arts Expo on Wednesday, May 15, in Doc Wilson Hall. 
Eight student bands performed their original songs and displayed their original band logos, event posters, CDs and vinyl covers that they had worked on in art classes. Students also shared original poetry and speeches. John-Alec Raubeson, Middle School music teacher, said that, beyond the student of American identity and American rock music, writing and performing together as a group teaches students valuable lesson about “collaboration and how to be an effective team member, how to take risks, how to make mistakes, and how to support each other in those moments when we are feeling vulnerable.” 
While the performances themselves were impressive, Raubeson said: “What I am most proud of is that everyone takes part and works together supporting each other during this project.”

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