Senior Awards Ceremony Honors Student Achievements

The Annual Senior Awards Ceremony saw 31 awards presented to members of the Class of 2019.

The event took place on the evening of Friday, June 7, in the Claudia Boettcher Theatre.

Class of 2019 Award Recipients

Gold Key Award: Marcus Carlos Diaz and Emma Joy Goodman

National Merit Scholarship Commended Scholars: Ian Walter Accetta, Noah Alexander Barton, Elijah Patrick Emery, Benjamin Stein and Ethan Mensch Turett

National Merit Scholarship Winners: Katherine Elizabeth Accetta and Konrad Koenigsmann

Dianne Potter Corbet Poetry Award: Alexandra Christina Bentzien and Alexander Jerard Daniels

Boynton Harwood Willis Award for Improvement: Hongyu Pan

Jessie Orr White for Excellence In English: Ian Walter Accetta

Award for Excellence in Mathematics: Katherine Elizabeth Accetta and Konrad Koenigsmann

Lawrence Hopkins Award: Wendi Liu and Jacob Sage Vietorisz

Senior Award for Excellence in Latin: Theodore Charles Bloch Horowitz

Senior Award for Excellence in French: Henna Raj Nakum

Senior Award for Excellence in Spanish: Max Ethan Steinert

Senior Award for Excellence in Mandarin: Ava Louise Anuszkiewicz

Award for Improvement (History and Religion): Chase Drew Markoff

Social Sciences Award: Julia Camille Mathas

Bradford Religion Award: Rachel Osagioduwa Aideyan

Award for Excellence in Science: Jacob Sage Vietorisz

Excellence in Science Research Award: Katherine Elizabeth Accetta

Excellence in Dance: Most Improved: Harrison Alexander Clay

Excellence in Choreography: Katherine Rose Sharon

Award for Excellence in Vocal Music: Marika Arrumm Brungs and Jake Daniel Hoffman

Award for Excellence in Music All-Around: Elliott Cameron Feder and Vittorio Allan Stropoli

Award for Excellence in Technical Theater: Juliana Martha Luis and Alexander Krigsman Magill

Excellence in Theater: Terry Meier Drama Award: Leah Morgan McLelland

Excellence in Theater Leadership: M.A. Haskin Award: Ian Walter Accetta

Award for Excellence in Media Arts: Alexandra Christina Bentzien

Award for Excellence in Photography: Vincent Alban

Linda Wyatt Chissell Award for Excellence in Art: Cara Lian Sherr-Messing

Award for Global Understanding: Wendi Liu

MISH Award: Ian Walter Accetta, Nana Yaa Asante, Jenna Lee Bosshart and Michael Manuel D’Angelo

Head's Watch Award: Marcus Carlos Diaz, Elliott Cameron Feder, Thomas West and Nicholas Moore

Gillespie Bowl (Jean Price Gillespie Award): Rachel Osagioduwa Aideyan

Community Cup: Emma Marie Luis

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