Students "Do It With Thy Fright" on Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year at Masters, and as one walked the halls of the School on Thursday, October 31, it was clear why.

Students donned costumes that transformed them into everything from an avocado and a Rubik’s Cube to a gigantic dinosaur and Little Bo Peep. The hallways, too, were ghoulishly decorated in the spirit of the day with fake spider webs and other chilling ornaments. 

In the Upper School, students, faculty and administrators gathered for the annual Halloween Morning Meeting, during which departments and grades presented entertaining and clever videos and skits based on themes assigned by the senior class. From the eleventh grade's "High School Musical" video with a horror-movie twist to the Science Department's take on "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!" that featured faculty children and puppies, the morning was filled with laughter and fun. 

In the Middle School, students celebrated by decorating their advisors’ doors and later gathering in the Doc Wilson Hall for an afternoon party which included plenty of Halloween-themed games, a MISH bake sale, and the annual costume parade and contest. The contest winners were: Ellie Hise ’25 as Bob Ross (funniest), Rohan Lavery ’26 as a flesh skeleton (scariest), Elsa Leibowitz ’27 as a Pokémon and Ryan Mah ’27 as a Rubik’s Cube (cutest), MeiLi Socol ’25 as a Ramen bowl and Alice Fuller ’25 as an elf queen (most original), and Dex Osherow ’26, Lucas Ruiz ’26 and Lucas Freedman ’26 as the Austin Powers gang (best group).