AP Art History Class Heads to The Met

On Friday, October 25, Cheryl Hajjar’s AP Art History class headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan to study a number of the museum’s collections.

The group spent time at the Fifth Avenue locale studying art from ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, the Aegean Sea area, Greece and Etruria. 

Hajjar shared that, once at the museum, the students were tasked with finding and examining several pieces of art, architecture and artifacts and determining how and why they were made. As part of the assignment, they had to answer questions such as: What do you see that helps you know what the object is made of? How the object was formed? What do you see that is a clue to inform you when it was made? 

The trip was an opportunity for students to connect the art they discovered at The Met with the art they have been learning about in class. 

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