Senior’s Question Leads to Deep Dive Into Math and Physics

One year ago, a simple question led Alex Feiner ’20 down a complex path: How would the rules of geometry change if, instead of being drawn on a flat surface, they were drawn on a sphere? 

The answer has required the senior to delve deeply into quantum mechanics, the relationship between geometry and the universe, and the concept of general relativity.

Feiner, who has been working under the guidance of upper school physics teacher Andrés Cárdenas, explained that he “was already really interested in math,” before his study began, but was “not that interested in physics.” That has now changed, and the senior currently has his sights set on studying math and physics in college. To add to his already impressive achievements, Feiner recently completed a task well beyond his years: writing the final statement of physicist Albert Einstein’s Field Equations, which relates the geometry of space-time with the distribution of matter within it.

And he isn’t stopping there. During his more-than-yearlong exploration of the subject, Feiner made another discovery: Many of the sources he was using were not tailored to a high school student, rather, they were more appropriate for students in undergraduate or graduate programs. He wanted to change that, and so his Masters Thesis will be a more than 100-page document that is accessible to high school students.

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