Jewish Culture Club Holds Discussion on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Students and faculty, brought together by the School’s Jewish Culture Club, gathered in the Sharon Room on Monday, January 27, to honor International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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The discussion and presentation, which was planned and led by club secretary Jake Sloane ’21 and club member Dani Saril '21, was both wide-ranging, personal and thoughtful, with attendees speaking about anti-Semitism, the history and legacy of the Holocaust, what it takes to be an upstander in the face of injustices, and more. 

“I hope that the students and faculty who participated had the chance to truly recognize what this day is meant to be: a day to reflect on and take note of the Holocaust’s importance in our lives,” Sloane said. “Along with this, I hope all who attended were able to gain perspective on how great of an opportunity they have to improve the world.”

In addition to the conversation, the group watched a BBC video of Auschwitz survivor Max Eisen sharing his memories of the concentration camp and his message to the world: “I come back here to tell others not to go down this terrible road of hatred and intolerance. It’s a warning. Beware. This place reminds you to beware of hatred.”