Upper School Students Raise Funds for Coronavirus Victims

It was the day of Chinese New Year, when he learned that a hospital in Wuhan, China, was asking for donations, that Victor Li ’21 realized how serious the coronavirus problem was in his home country.

In an effort to help, he and August Liu ’23, a fellow boarding student from China, decided to hold a fundraiser to support the hospital. The response they received from the Masters community was overwhelming: In just one week, more than 250 faculty and students contributed $2,173 to Project Hope, which will donate masks and supplies to the hospital in Wuhan. 

“We are so touched and moved by how our peers can respond so quickly and so generously,” Li said. The outpouring of support, in addition to supporting an important organization that will directly impact those who are infected with the virus, showed the students that they are part of a caring community. “Although we are here, we are far away from our family, we know we are not by ourselves,” Li explained. “We have a whole community to support us.”