IEC Produces Protective Equipment for Medical Workers

With regular news updates about the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers across the country, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship John Chiodo has been utilizing the 3D printer in The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center to churn out face shields, a type of PPE, for health care professionals. 

Past parent James Kinsley P’18 approached Chiodo with the idea, who immediately jumped into action.

After researching designs that would work with the School’s 3D printer and procuring material donations from community members Nate Borwick ’23, Rob Feuer P’19, Dell Hallock ’22 and Chris Nappo ’23, Chiodo began the process of printing, measuring, cutting and punching clear film, as well as sanitizing all parts, assembling, packing and shipping them. The design itself, Chiodo shared, provides healthcare workers with enough room to wear goggles and respirators underneath. 

The round was shipped the University of Michigan Medical Center, with another 50 heading to the hospital this past week. Chiodo expects to continue creating the face shields “for as long as need be and supplies last.”