Alumna Uses Fashion Skills to Create Masters-Themed Masks

From her early days cutting up T-shirts at summer camp, Emma Rubinson ’17 has been passionate about fashion.

And now, the aspiring designer is using her talent to share the Masters spirit with a line of reusable face masks.

The school-themed masks, which reference the panther mascot and the Pack the Den initiative, are part of a larger project that the Washington University in St. Louis student has been working on. Since COVID-19 began spreading in the region, Rubinson has designed masks with her own artwork on them and sells them through Redbubble, a platform that, for each mask purchased, donates one mask to Heart to Heart International, a global humanitarian organization. 

“The masks with my artwork have been really successful, and I had a few members of the Masters community reach out to me and ask if I could do some Masters masks as a way to show school spirit and community during this time,” Rubinson said. 

And while the masks serve an important health purpose — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain — Rubinson also sees them as “a unique time capsule piece once this is all over.”