Sophia Viscarello Named “Teen To Watch”

Stamford Magazine featured nine “teens to watch” in New York and Connecticut with impressive accomplishments, a range of interests, a commitment to serving others, and top grades. Masters’ own Sophia Viscarello ’21 was one of those selected.

She has a resume of titles, passions and projects that more than qualify her as a young adult on the rise.

The article describes Viscarello as “conscientious and dedicated” and highlights her wide-ranging leadership positions at Masters which include Midnight Run Club co-leader, Writing Center tutor, Peer Leader, school co-chair, varsity fencer and TedX speaker. 

Among her many passions, her commitment to understanding people tops the list. Viscarello describes herself as, “intuitive, empathetic and thoughtful.” She says, “Everything I do, I do with care, and I’m really good at putting myself in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes all a person needs is a good listener.”
The full article can be read here. The other featured students are seniors attending independent or public high schools in the area. “Teens To Watch” states, “our future is in their capable hands.”  We couldn’t agree more.

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