Middle Schoolers Honor Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

Many thanks or “muchas gracias” to our intrepid sixth and seventh grade students who put together an informative, entertaining presentation about Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and presented during Morning Meeting on Friday, October 9.
The monthlong celebration recognizes the contributions, history and culture of Hispanic Americans and is observed every year between September 15 and October 15. 

In their presentation, the students chose to use the newly-coined gender-neutral term “Latinx,” used to avoid the more traditionally gendered terms: latino or latina. 

During the slideshow, middle school languages teacher and Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Brittany Farrar and Kate Anderson ’27 introduced short profiles on prominent figures like composer, playwright and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda; actress and singer Jennifer Lopez; former astronaut Ellen Ochoa and Hall of Fame baseball player and humanitarian Roberto Clemente. They also offered suggested book, song and movie selections by Hispanic creators.  

It was the culmination of a lot of hard work and research for Elaina Barreto ’27, Mason Rosenblatt ’27 and Ginger Yancovich ’26 who worked alongside Anderson and Farrar on this project. “It made me feel closer to my own heritage – I have Peruvian and Puerto Rican heritage in my family,” stated Barreto.

Farrar was pleased with the students’ enthusiasm. “It was really exciting to see students in different grades and with different identities coming together to celebrate the contributions of Hispanic/Latinx figures in history and today. It shows that at Masters, recognizing the strength inherent in diversity is everyone’s joy and everyone’s calling, not just the group celebrating and being celebrated in any given heritage or history month.” 

Anderson echoed, “It made me excited to know that I was bringing awareness to other people of other people’s heritages.”

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