Seventh Grade Students March for Good

Toting topical signs about voting, immigration and global warming, students from Mary Chappell’s humanities 7A class took to the streets of Dobbs Ferry on Tuesday, October 20 to make their voices heard.  

“I like standing up for what I believe in, and I think a lot of the problems in this world can be changed just by protesting,” explained Rose Manzano ’26. “You don’t have to be an adult or someone with high authority to be able to speak about what you believe is right,” added Alex Pinnock ’26.

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That is the type of grass-roots thinking that jump started the idea for a march last year. “As part of the goal of ‘being a power for good in the world,’ this is a perfect learning moment for them,” said Chappell, who was proud of all the participants, including the remote ones.

It was a lesson heard loud and clear from the marchers, many who have Election Day on their minds. “People are saying go out and vote but not taking action, so we wanted to raise awareness and take action in public,” explained Dex Osherow ’26. “I think it’s very important that everyone think deeply about who we want running our country and who we want having an impact on our future because as kids that’s who we’ll be looking up to,” said Mia Steinwurtzel ’26. 

Making a difference was their unifying goal. “People say ‘oh there are other problems in the world’ and those are definitely important too, but we have to realize our earth matters because we're living in it,” said Neena Atkins ’26 whose poster was about climate change.

Benji Edelson ’26 thought the response in town reinforced their efforts. “A lot of people were supporting us. A lot of people were honking and one lady came up to us and started talking to us for a while, in a positive way.”

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