Middle School MISH on a Mission

MISH, aka Masters Interested in Sharing and Helping, has always enlisted the help of middle school students but, this year, these younger members are looking to do more.

“To me, MISH is a responsibility of not just the members of MISH, but everyone at the Masters School. It feels good to work together and problem solve with your peers as you try to help out others in need!” said co-Chair Sam Benson '25.

With help from faculty advisor and middle school humanities teacher Jennifer Rathkopf, they are well on their way. Rathkopf is new to Masters but no stranger to being a power for good,” she said. ”I think it's important that middle school students realize that they can have an impact,” she said. “Looking around at the world, finding what needs attention, and figuring out ways to help is vital to the betterment of our society.” 

In a lesson about food insecurity and about the many ways COVID-19 has affected people, the MISH students organized a food drive for The Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. They dropped off 20 bags of groceries on Monday, December 14. “Despite many challenges, students, parents, faculty, and staff worked together to make our first food drive a success. I hope we can partner again and continue the spirit of giving,” added Rathkopf. 

Trying to balance fundraising efforts with giving time and energy has been trickier this year. “It's been difficult to do hands-on activities with the pandemic protocols,” she said. “We don't know from moment to moment when we will shift to remote learning, when organizations aren't accepting outside help, or when quarantines will disrupt our best efforts.”

Along with Benson, co-Chairs Jordan Lee ’25 and Taylor Marlowe ’25 are staying hopeful with a few Zoom events planned for the year to come.

“MISH means a lot to me because along with being my first time in a club, it's also my first time leading a club. I think everyone in MISH feels like family to me because of how close we are,” added Lee.

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