Tower Answers “Where Are They Now?”

Interviewing Masters’ alumnae/i has given students at Tower, the campus newspaper, some newfound inspiration.

“It’s been really nice this year to connect with our alumnae/i, particularly in a time when everyone is feeling so siloed and far away,” said Ellen Cowhey, Tower’s faculty co-advisor.

Cowhey cites recent work as perfect examples: an award-winning interview by Tower co-Editor-in-Chief Kate Sibery ’21 with Unplug Collective CEO Amanda Taylor ’18 and a timely feature about neurology resident Crystal Sosa ’10 by Sophia Van Beek ’22 and Lance Leys ’22. 

The latest profile about alums Tyler Pager ’13 and Daniel Block ’12 comes in the form of a podcast produced by Tower co-Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Fink ’21. Titled "Where Are They Now?,” Fink debuted the first episode of the series in December. Pager spoke about his job as Executive Editor at Washington Monthly magazine and Block as White House Correspondent at Politico. 

“It was a lot of fun, not just to be hosting the podcast, but also just to listen to Tyler and Daniel,” said Fink. “They both do amazing work, and have amazing jobs in the journalism industry, so I was trying to soak in as much as I could from what they were saying as I was hosting the podcast.”

Cowhey has encouraged the use of podcasts and other technology in her students’ storytelling. “We are becoming less readers and more listeners and watchers,” she said. “You need to be able to communicate that information in multiple formats.”

Fink hopes to release follow-up episodes to “Where Are They Now?” in the coming months. Cowhey says it’s important to have her current students discover and appreciate the successful journeys of past students. 

“It’s been helpful for the Tower staff and also for the wider Masters community to see and to know that.”

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