Seventh Graders Salute Black History 

From the worlds of sports, science and the arts, students in Paul Friedman’s and John-Alec Raubeson’s seventh grade advisory group celebrated a variety of notable figures in honor of Black History Month.

They created a slideshow presentation for the middle school Morning Meeting on Friday, February 26.

Friedman was impressed that students were able “to highlight some figures that few people knew about, such as the first Black astronaut in space, Guion Bluford, or various interesting facts, like how the famous entertainer Josephine Baker was a spy for the French resistance.” 

“They engaged with it authentically,” said Raubeson. “They did the research, they decided on who they wanted to highlight, and what they would say.”

“Our advisory tends to be a very creative and talkative bunch, so we really got a lot out of working in teams to research our subjects,” said Alex Kritzer ’26.
Marcus McGregor ’26 enjoyed the process as well. “Learning more about Black leaders was very interesting,” he said. “It impacted me a lot because at my old school we did not research Black figures so I like that Masters does that.” 

Middle school languages teacher and equity and inclusion coordinator Brittany Farrar applauded their efforts. “My advisory, who watched the presentation and discussed it afterwards, said it was one of the best Morning Meeting presentations we’ve seen this year.”

Friedman was also quite proud of his students. “It reflects well upon their commitment to learning while also helping educate and inspire our community at the same time.”

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