A Banner Day for Model UN Team

It was a day of debate, diplomacy and distinction for Masters at the Brewster High School Model UN (MUN) Conference. Multiple students earned accolades at the event held on March 6.

Outstanding Delegate (2nd place)
Charles Ahmad ’23
Carly Grizzaffi ’21
Best Delegate (1st place)
Amelia von Jan ’23
Zach Battleman ’21
Kyla Barantsevitch ’21
Caio Lanes ’21

After putting in a lot of hard work, Carly Grizzaffi ’21 was thrilled with the results. “Model UN has been one of my favorite clubs at Masters, and it is really gratifying to have my efforts and accomplishments recognized,” she said. 

Faculty advisor Brittany Farrar explained the importance of participating in these virtual events noting that “networking with other local teams is essential to the regional success of a Model UN team, as it contributes to the positive perception of a school’s delegates at future conferences.”

Newcomer Amelia von Jan ’23 was excited about her challenge as “the leader of the All Muslim League.” Her goal at the conference was “to create my own nation, Pakistan, independent from both England and India.” For Grizzaffi, a self-professed “tech nerd at heart,” her “perfect” assignment as “Rob B. Crooke” involved discussion around CPUs, marketing strategies and future tech innovations.

While von Jan joined the team because of the arguing and role play exercises, she has embraced so much more. “I love the trickery and the thought that goes into each decision, directive and crisis note,” she said. “It's like playing a game of chess; every move has repercussions that can change the direction of the entire committee.”

In the meantime, Farrar has her sights set on another virtual MUN conference this season and some team building by way of “outreach to the Middle School as part of an effort to start a junior team.”

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