Meaningful Art for All To See

Artistic expression is on full display in the Middle School. Students in Vicente Saavedra’s seventh grade art classes are sprucing up the walls of temporary classrooms on campus by creating big and bold wall murals.

Inspired by the theme of “community,” Saavedra said that “The students created a list of topics that they thought were important to the community and used these words to brainstorm ideas for murals.”

After a final vote on which murals to paint, students agreed on which four to bring to life: “Equality” and “Masked World” are in progress in the Doc Wilson Hall while “Respect” and  “Perseverance” can be found in Strayer Hall. 
Associate Head of School Lynn Salehi lauded their efforts to beautify the classroom dividers as “an excellent example of making lemonade out of lemons! It is wonderful to see them working so closely together as a class to make art that brings both color and inspiring messages to the entire middle school community.”
“I really enjoy working on this mural project,” Sarelle Ruby ’26 said. “It's so fun to paint on an actual wall and make our own designs.” 

With a final unveiling about a month away, Saavedra shares in his students’ excitement and has been impressed with their teamwork and thoughtful execution. “I believe this project makes them reflect upon our school diversity and the many issues that unite us in meaningful conversations.”

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