A Festive Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day

The Parent Association (PA) treated faculty, staff and administrators to gourmet sandwiches, ice cream sundaes and handwritten thank you notes during Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 4.

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Held this year under a giant tent near Park Cottage, this annual event is an opportunity for the School’s parents and guardians to thank the faculty and staff for their efforts all year long. 

“I feel it is always important to celebrate our incredible faculty and staff because they are the heart and soul of our School,” Co-Chair of the Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day Committee Jen Nappo P’21, ’23, ’23 said. “Having a special day to acknowledge their enormous efforts and showing them how much they are appreciated is essential to keeping spirits high and reflects our School's culture of kindness.”

Nappo’s fellow co-chair, Joelle Resnick P’26, echoed her sentiment: “The teachers try so hard each moment with each student, and the staff work tirelessly to help everything run smoothly and look fantastic. This is such a great team of people that they deserve some time to sit back, relax and enjoy each other's company.”

“This event is one of my favorites of the entire year, and so I was thrilled that we were able to host it in person,” said Aishling Peterson P’18, ’20, ’22. Peterson, the School’s director of parent engagement and special events, noted that parents showed an outpouring of support in planning and executing the event. “We are truly grateful for our dedicated Parent Association volunteers who made this day memorable. I loved seeing everyone reconnecting and enjoying the delicious lunch. And the Mister Softee ice cream truck was a real hit!”

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