Junior Diplomats Make Their Mark 

The new middle school Model UN (MUN) team is off to a might-y start!  During the weekend of May 15 and 16, Masters’ junior delegates had an impressive showing at their first event as a team: Fieldston School’s Virtual EthicalMUN IV Conference. Three newcomers received recognition.

War of the Roses:
* Outstanding Delegate (2nd): Malachy Green ’26 

2024 Election Joint Crisis Committee:
* Best Delegate (1st): Sophie Moussapour ’25
* Outstanding Delegate (2nd): A.J. Bagaria ’25 

Bagaria was tasked with creating a political campaign for an imagined former Republican-turned-Democrat. “I think that the biggest challenge that I had going into it for the first time was understanding how everything works,” he explained. “There are some key things that are a little complicated, but as the conference went on everything got better.”

The fledgling diplomats have been mentored by seasoned upper school MUN students. Moussapour said that their coaching has been “very helpful and informative in preparing us for the conference, as well as being extremely supportive and nurturing in a safe environment to learn and make mistakes.” 

Lauren Marlowe ’23, one of the upper school coaches, has enjoyed working with the younger delegates. “It is so rewarding to hear how much better their public speaking has gotten,” she said. “You can tell how much more confident they are.” 

MUN faculty advisor Brittany Farrar is humbled by the upper school coaches’ devotion to the middle school team. The coaches have planned all the practices and provided small-group coaching and consistent feedback. “It reminds me why I started coaching Model UN in the first place,” Farrar said. 

For his challenge, Green won for fighting against the entire English monarchy. The experience has him “very excited to do this next year.”

Head of Middle School Tasha Elsbach is so proud of all the students and thrilled to see Farrar’s vision come to life. “The skills and values of MUN very much align with what we teach at Masters: critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate an idea clearly, learning to cooperate to solve problems, and developing a deeper understanding of the world outside our front door.”

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