A Lesson in Technique Makes a Splash

Call it photobombing of another sort. This week, Photo 2 students put their technical skills to the test with water balloon-popping fun on the quad.

Upper school visual arts teacher Rachel Langosch explained that the photographers were practicing their fast shutter speed technique. The lesson wraps up the course’s unit on movement, which also included work on double exposure, panning, levitation photography and light painting.

“This was the first time I attempted to do a water balloon popping exercise, but it seemed to work quite well,” Langosch said. “This unit allows students to learn new technical skills with their cameras (or phones this year) and apply them creatively to the larger portfolios.”

Working on camera timing while having fun with water and willing volunteer Charlie Anhouse ’23 was well worth it for Nicole Degelman ’23, who said that “The surprise on Charlie's face when the balloons popped was the highlight of my day, especially with finals.”

Corinne Furniss ’23 explained that timing was essential to capturing the images. “Everything can change in a moment, from the lighting to the mood of the photo,” Furniss said. “Each second displays a new facial expression of the subject and position of the water falling.”

Langosch was pleased with the students’ photographs and is already focused on next year’s assignment: “I might set up a backdrop and have students work on tripods when we can use our class cameras again.”

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