Middle School Students Thrilled to Be Back

Joyful. That’s how Head of Middle School Tasha Elsbach described the first couple of days for grades 5-8.

“Our students and teachers are thrilled to be together again and moving from class to class,” she explained. 

Sharing meals with friends has also been a highlight. “Of course, the dining hall is something that was dearly missed last year and everyone – young and old alike - are thrilled to be feasting on Brock’s brilliant offerings. Seeing the campus so alive after school has been joyous as well. “Kids are eager for all of our extracurricular offerings.”
Elsbach says it’s been great to welcome parents back on campus for Meet Your Advisor Day and our fifth and sixth grade parent coffees. “The sense of our community coming together is palpable. Our vision of starting the school year in a warm and welcoming way has been realized.” 

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