Dancers Find Their Back-to-School Groove

From ballet and lyrical to the hora and the latest Tik Tok moves, dance students brought their A-game during preseason activities that started the week of August 30 and is continuing into the first weeks of school.

According to Masters Dance Company Director Shell Benjamin, the genre didn’t matter. She was pleased to work with the group of 20 dancers whom she described as “delighted, anxious, excited, joyful, curious, nervous, grateful and committed.”

For Christina Moore ’24, preseason was “an opportunity to work with Ms. Benjamin and the full company for more than just a couple hours a day, and we got the chance to bond and establish deep connections.” 

Maria Portillo ’22 has been busy with fall classes, including dance tech. “Dance always comes back to the technique and Ms. Benjamin makes sure to clean our lines, fix our posture and correct positioning to make sure we do our best when we audition,” she said.

As the dancers prepare for the fall dance concert in November, they are spending their rehearsal time filled with student-led dance movement games, toning and stretching exercises and daily inspirational quotes. Seniors are leading the group teaching and exploring choreography.

“I couldn't be more excited to share what I have been working on with the community,” Portillo added. “I've enjoyed working with dancers and seeing them bring my vision to life which has been a heartwarming experience for me. I can't wait for everyone to see the final product.”

Benjamin is proud of the Masters dance family, especially the camaraderie that has developed between the new and returning dancers.“I witnessed the growth and maturity of the returning dancers,” she said, “As a community, they were warm, welcoming and sensitive in addressing the needs of the incoming students.”

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