Dobbs 16 in Perfect Harmony Ahead of Quarterfinal Tournament

Having spent months honing their vocals and choreography, Dobbs 16 is ready to take the stage this weekend for its first in-person competition in two years.

The 11 upper school musicians in the a cappella choir are headed to Plymouth, Massachusetts, to compete in the ICHSA (International Championship of High School A Cappella) tournament quarterfinals. Dobbs 16 is one of 10 groups competing; the top three finishing groups will advance to the Northeast semifinals.

Alec Gould ’22, a tenor who has performed with the group for the past three years, shared that in preparation for the competition, the group has been practicing every other day “working on choreography and cohesion of the group.” Gould is the only member of Dobbs 16 to have previously participated in an in-person ICHSA and is looking forward to the overnight trip. “The last time I went I had so much fun,” they said. “I can’t wait to do it again.” 

And while the competition is reason for excitement, for Aoife Fortuna '23, a mezzo soprano, the most enjoyable aspect of being in Dobbs 16 “singing with this group! Everyone is so talented, and the atmosphere in rehearsals is very positive."

The group is set to perform “So Good” (originally performed by Omar Apollo; arranged by Adam Leung ’17; soloists Morgan Young ’23 and Caleb Jakes ’22), “POV” (originally performed by Ariana Grande, arranged by Adam Leung ’17; soloist Aoife Fortuna ’23), “What If” (originally performed by Amber Mark, arranged by Adam Leung ’17, soloist Eden Leach ’23) and “Creeks” (originally performed by Bon Iver, arranged by Annie Rubinson ’20; no soloist).

In years past, Dobbs 16 has made it to the ICHSA finals (2016), semifinals (2017, 2019) and quarterfinals (2018, 2020).