Smith Smashes Track Records 

Camille Smith ’22 rewrote the record books during last week’s track meet against host Hackley. The multi-sport standout broke a pair of school records in the 100 meters (13.2 seconds) and 200 meters (27.27 seconds), showcasing the speed that she also flashed on the soccer field this past fall.

A simple mantra that Smith learned from a former track coach carried her across the finish line: “I can, I must, I will.” 

“That helped me zone in so I would be able to perform the best I could," Smith said.

Smith broke her own record of 13.45 seconds in the 100 meters and surpassed Class of 2015 Matilda Ahun's time of 28.2 seconds in the 200 meters.

It was Smith's first-ever time running the 200m during the outdoor season at Masters. Still, she's had plenty of reps on the track. 

"I have been running track since seventh grade," Smith said. "My biggest keys to success have been my determination and the push I receive from both my coaches and my teammates. There is a large group of us this year. We have teammates that may play other sports, but they are still willing to come together to push one another to get to the next level to make ourselves better."

Smith, who will play soccer at Lehigh University next season, hopes this track season will prepare her for the grind of Division I athletics. 

"One of my biggest fears, alongside playing at a fast-paced level, is not being in shape for preseason in a couple of months," she said. "Having coaches that are willing to push us further than we think has been helping me prepare for the upcoming months. Making practices fun, yet intense, has helped me to change my mindset going into playing at the collegiate level next year."

First, however, Smith has her eye on some more track records at Masters.  

"I hope to go both sub-13 in the 100m and sub-27 in the 200m by the end of the season," she said.

Smith will get that chance on Saturday, April 23, as the Panthers host a Fairchester Athletic Association meet at Greene Family Field.