Theater Students Stage “Love & Information”

As an example of experimental art at its finest, it is fitting that the latest upper school drama, “Love & Information,” made its debut last night in the School’s Experimental Theater.
“The play is a fast-moving series of scenes featuring 100 different characters trying to make sense of what they know and trying to find human connections in a world saturated with technology,” Upper School Theater Teacher Meg O’Connor shared. “Some scenes are funny, others are sad and all the actors play multiple parts throughout the evening.”

Xavier Rolston ’24 explained the unorthodox setup. “It is a bit different from a traditional play, in that we’re not all assigned to named characters who stay constant throughout the show,” he said. “I enjoy the variety of personalities I play: sometimes stubborn, sometimes sweet and genuine, and sometimes angry. It's been interesting to learn how to act as a variety of people with wildly different personalities in this show.”

For O’Connor, who teaches the cast members in her Advanced Theater Projects and Advanced Acting classes, the progress in her students’ technique has been impressive. “The dialogue in the play is written the way people normally talk, so there's lots of overlapping and lots of sentences that cut off abruptly as characters get distracted, change their minds or lose their train of thought.”

The actors chose this play because they wanted to work on scenes that were modern and realistic. “The students are learning to hold a mirror up to human behavior in a world that bombards us with information of all kinds when what we all crave is kindness, connection and love,” O’Connor added.

The final performance of "Love & Information" takes place tonight, Friday, January 13, at 7:00 p.m. in the ET. You don’t want to miss it.