“Zombie Prom” Comes Alive at the Claudia Boettcher Theatre

Filled with catchy ’50s-inspired tunes and hilarious one-liners, “Zombie Prom,” this year’s upper school winter musical, will have you rockin’ and rollin’ all weekend long.

“The cast is incredibly excited about this one — it's high energy, funny, strange and fun,” said Meg O’Connor, director and costume director.

The teenage love story musical, which made its off-Broadway debut in 1996, follows good girl Toffee who falls for class bad boy Jonny. When the romance is cut short, Jonny rides his motorcycle into a nuclear waste dump. He returns as a zombie who is determined to take Toffee to the big dance at Enrico Fermi High School.

Kathy Christie ’23, of Dobbs 16, Tower Singers and Cabaret Troupe fame, plays Delilah Strict, the no-nonsense school principal who is hiding a secret past. “I love playing her because as much as we may hate her ways, I can see myself in Delilah: using structure to calm anxieties and prevent others from becoming like her. I can also see her logic, especially when she speaks of not changing rules for one person,” Christie explained. “In reality, Delilah is caring and just doesn't want Toffee going down the same path that she took.”

Christie’s character has it in for teen rebel (and zombie) Jonny Warner, played by Aron Tucker ’24. “He’s a great character to play because I get to be very energetic and naive, which makes for interesting choices on stage,” Tucker said.

Tucker noted that the show is loaded with energetic numbers like “Rules, Regulations and Respect” and “some cheesy love songs that make everyone in the audience smile,” including one he loves to perform, “How Can I Say Goodbye?”

Christie said that “My favorite song, hands down, has to be the jazzy ‘That's the Beat.’ It's just so good and Angel (Henriquez ’24) brings the character of reporter Eddie Flagrante to life with such an interesting twist.”

O’Connor gave a big shoutout to those working behind the scenes: professional choreographer Sophie Aknin, the creative props department, and the hardworking student crew led by theater technical director Peter Wylie. “They not only built and painted the set but had an enormous number of jobs during the show: running quick costume changes, working as audio technicians and sound mixers, managing set changes, and operating spotlights,” O’Connor said. “Everywhere you look in that theater, you'll see students running the show.” 

Of the cast and crew of 76 upper school students, Tucker said it has been a fun experience building ties with the MainStage family and making new friends: “It’s a great community that is welcoming to everyone, and I’ve loved getting to know everyone better.” 

Don’t miss “Zombie Prom” with performances Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the Claudia Boettcher Theatre.