Varsity Boys Tennis Records First Win

The varsity boys tennis squad recorded their first win of the season on Wednesday, April 12, defeating visiting St. Luke's, 4-3, in a Fairchester Athletic Association match.

All four singles players — Caleb Grasheim ’26 (6-2, 6-1), Jake Sinel ’24 (6-2, 6-7 [7-5], 14-12), Will Teitelbaum ’26 (6-2, 6-1) and Felipe Queiroz ’25 (6-3, 6-2) — recorded victories to power the Panthers. 

"Although we are a team, tennis is an individual sport," Grasheim said. "As a singles player, you are all alone without the comfort of teammates beside you. Your job before the match even starts is to evaluate who you play. 

"I personally always go in with the same mindset: test my opponent during the warmup and isolate their weaker shots. That way when the match begins I can fixate my attention on placing the ball where they are not as confident. If I notice my opponent has a weaker backhand, I try to hit every shot to their backhand." 

The approach worked for Grasheim, a first-year varsity team member who has high hopes for the team this spring. 

"The varsity tennis team is looking very strong," Grasheim said. "We have many great players with the potential to become incredible tennis players. I am also very happy to say that the team has been so welcoming and cordial towards me and the other new varsity players. I am expecting for us to have an amazing season learning from each other and developing relationships." 

Masters is slated to face Wooster School on the road in its next match on Wednesday, April 19.

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