The goal of The Masters School Parent Association is to create a positive and welcoming environment for all parents while working in partnership with faculty, staff and administrators to support the goals, needs and mission of the School.

We Want to Hear From You!

Whether you have a question about course selection, an idea for a parent event, or a suggestion for how we can make something even better, we want to hear from you! Contact us at or call the Office of Parent Engagement at 914-479-6449.

Parents Giving in a Big Way

MISH is how service learning is brought to life at Masters. MISH stands for “Masters Interested in Sharing and Helping.” What it really represents is a distinctive ethos of generosity, thoughtfulness and community involvement that pervades The Masters School.

Students have the opportunity to apply what they learn in school to the world around them through service learning. We do not require students to complete a certain number of hours of service before graduation; rather, our students contribute to the School and greater community because they are inspired and understand the many rewards of giving.

When Eliza Bailey Masters founded Masters in 1877, she proclaimed that she would educate each and every one of her students to be a “power for good in the world.” And today we enthusiastically host Hoops for Hope; our students visit nursing home residents, deliver food and clothes to NYC’s Midnight Run Program, tutor and mentor at-risk children, and participate in countless other good works, both nearby and around the world.

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