• November

    Thankful for the Power of Dance

    The 21 members of the Masters Dance Company (MDC) are grateful to take the stage this weekend with the premiere of their first in-person performance in nearly two years. So grateful, in fact, that they have chosen “gratitude” as the theme for their concert.
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  • October

    Weekend Workshop Hits All The Right Notes

    Broadway is back and so is Preludes, the Middle School’s musical theater troupe. .
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  • September

    Dancers Find Their Back-to-School Groove

    From ballet and lyrical to the hora and the latest Tik Tok moves, dance students brought their A-game during preseason activities that started the week of August 30 and is continuing into the first weeks of school.
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  • May

    Movement With Meaning

    Students in Masters Dance Company (MDC) are sending powerful messages through movement.
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  • April

    Middle School Musical Workshop Takes Center Stage

    “Can’t you feel a brand new day?” For the talented middle schoolers performing the uplifting number from “The Wiz” last month, the answer was a resounding “Yes!”
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  • February

    Sharing the Gift of Dance

    In its efforts to diversify course offerings and be “dancing advocates” for the School, Masters Dance Company (MDC) has welcomed two guest artists to its winter dance intensive sessions.
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