A strong endowment allows Masters to strengthen our student body profile with deliberate and well-funded recruitment strategies. A balanced and diverse student body allows our students to expand their world view and raise the level of academic, athletic, and artistic achievement across the school.

One of the hallmarks of The Masters School is its highly diverse student body. Our students hail from over 30 countries and many U.S. states and come to Masters with multitudes of interests, contributions and aspirations. Individually, they contribute differing world-views around the Harkness Table and collectively they raise the bar excellence for the entire community.

Masters is deeply committed to maintaining this diverse community through continued financial aid. Twenty-five percent of our students receive financial assistance, and we currently allocate nearly $5 million annually from our operating budget for aid. More endowed scholarship funds can allow us to be more intentional in our recruiting strategies, further ensuring that we have a wide range and the right balance within our student body.

Endowment gifts in support of a diverse student body can be directed in a variety of ways, including full or partial tuition scholarships that are based on need and/or have a focus in a particular area of study or co-curricular interest.

Please contact the Advancement Office for further details.

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