List Detail

Kuorkor A.

Class of 2023 
Plainfield, New Jersey
Why Masters?
I love how close Masters is to home. When touring schools in the Northeast, some were far- almost five hours away. Being near to my family and having a school in close proximity to them is so important to me! I also love how diverse and loving the boarding community is. I was looking forward to meeting different kinds of people and Masters serves as a great outlet for that. It’s also just as important for me to live among people who I can identify with on many levels. I think Masters does a great job at both. 

What are you involved with on campus?
I am part of the volleyball team, track team, diversity ambassadors, peer listeners, ONYX, EFFECT and MUSE.  

What is the most underrated thing about Masters?
The facilities! I’m so appreciative to have access to so many great facilities like the fitness center and weight room.  

What is your favorite tradition at Masters?
Dorm Olympics! It’s a great opportunity to get to know your dorm mates and dorm parents better. I enjoyed it a lot and established my most cherished friendships thanks to the event. 
What has been your favorite class and why?
English has always been a big interest of mine. The Harkness method is such an admirable way that Masters uses to engage their students in the exchange of intellect and teaching students how to listen, articulate and respect others. I believe the true foundations of the Harkness method are best exhibited in English class. I’m always excited to come to class and hear what others have to say about the assigned literature or share my piece of writing with everyone.