Middle School Student Takes on Rent

Eighth-grade vocalist Alisa Beck '23 will be adding another performance to her already impressive repertoire, as she joins the Random Farms Kids’ Theater production of Rent at the Tarrytown Music Hall on Saturday, February 9, and Sunday, February 10.

The youngest participant in a show that includes performers up to the age of 20, Beck will be a member of the ensemble cast.

The preparation process for the performance, which included five-hour rehearsals two to three times per week, “has been long, but enjoyable and rewarding,” said Beck. The performance has also been a great learning experience for the young artist, has enjoyed “working with the main characters and observing their strategies when they’re on stage.”

As for her favorite songs from the musical, Beck is drawn to the ballad “Will I?” noting that “it really connects to me on an emotional and personal level.”

Beck will also be taking the stage here at Masters during the annual Middle School Winter Talent Show on Friday, February 15, at 2:00 PM in the Claudia Boettcher Theatre. We hope you will join us for this celebration of our Middle School students’ many talents.

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