New Wellness Initiative Strengthens Community

A fair number of adults in the Masters community were commiserating about post-workout sore muscles this week.

They had all taken part in the School’s new wellness initiative, a combination of fitness training sessions and nutritional guidance for faculty and staff, which debuted this week. The no-cost program received so much interest that the introductory meeting on Monday, April 1, had to be moved to a different venue to accommodate the number of attendees. 
The program is led by the School’s strength and conditioning coach, Edmond Addison, who has been a personal trainer for seven years. During the introductory meeting, Addison said that faculty and staff are role models in the community, and physical health and fitness is a way to model good behavior for students. His 12-week program is a group workout focused on circuit training that takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the School’s athletic facilities. 
And while there is plenty of science behind Addison’s program, the benefits go beyond the physical. Christy Nicandri, Executive Associate for the Office of Admission, who participated in the first week’s workouts, said “The fitness program is fun and challenging but it what makes it even better to be able to work out with my coworkers and share a few laughs!”
As the program continues, the adults in the community will undoubtedly continue to build muscle and friendly bonds. 

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