Fifth Graders Raise Awareness About Recycling and Environmental Health

In honor of Earth Day on Monday, April 22, fifth graders are doing their part to spread awareness about the importance of recycling.
Their initiative, which is part of the curriculum in Middle School faculty member Shannon Nicholson’s health class, is an opportunity for the students to learn about the importance of a healthy planet and to spread the word about how each person can make a difference in helping the environment by recycling. “When students learn and understand ways in which they can take care of the earth, starting at a young age, they are more likely to make recycling a lifelong habit,” Nicholson said. “It is also important for them to understand that their resources came from somewhere, and will ultimately end up somewhere else once they dispose of or recycle the item.” Nicholson also noted that the health of the environment “has a direct impact on our physical and even mental health,” and so is a natural fit for her class’ curriculum.

On Thursday, April 11, students illustrated posters that highlighted the importance of recycling. Nicholson hopes that the posters will encourage students to “think before printing an excess amount of paper and think twice before throwing out plastic, cardboard or metal. These items can be used to create new material, which can help save energy.” The posters will be hung up around campus as colorful reminders of the role each person plays in keeping our school, our community and our planet clean.

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