An Art Outing in Brooklyn

Artistic exploration was the theme of the day for Ms. Langosch's Photo Major and Photo III classes and Ms. Hajjar's Studio Art class as the group headed into Brooklyn on Wednesday, April 24, to visit the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

At the museum, students saw three exhibits: Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving, Eric N. Mack’s Lemme walk across the room, and Do Ho Suh’s One: Do Ho Suh. Hajjar explained that she wanted her students to experience the Frida Kahlo exhibit so they could understand the concept of developing a body of work around a theme. She noted that the exhibit also helps students see that there are many elements that can inform their art making, and that art making can also be a tool to comment on society.

The cherry blossom trees were, serendipitously, in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and so students spent time on the sunny day taking photographs of the natural beauty that the garden offered before heading back to Dobbs Ferry.

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