Superstars: Middle School Students Shine at Celebration of Science

Young scientists eager to share their findings filled the Doc Wilson Hall on Friday, April 26, during the annual Celebration of Science.

During the event, students presented research and demonstrated results on a topic of their choice to faculty and fellow students. The projects covered a wide swath; inquiries included the impact of sea-level rise in New York City, ways to save the endangered snow leopard, whether life exists on other planets, and which cheese grows mold fastest. Dan Russo, Middle School Science Curriculum Coordinator and sixth grade science teacher was impressed with “the diversity and sophistication of many of the topics.”

With such a variety of projects for students to visit, everyone had the opportunity to expand their knowledge. “I learned a lot about an amazingly broad range of subjects, from my own digestive system to far off galaxies,” said Lynn Salehi, Associated Head of Middle School. An unexpected and added bonus, she noted, was that “because so many students chose topics they had some personal connection to, I also learned a lot about them.”

And while the event is the culmination of students’ significant research and investigative projects, Russo hopes that the Celebration of Science “can serve as a springboard for students to develop a lifelong passion for science.” Based on the enthusiasm with which many students spoke about their topics, that hypothesis is likely to prove true.