Dance Company Dedicates Concert to Advocacy Theme

Social issues of mental health, freedom of expression and more were front and center during Dance Company’s spring concert on Friday, May 17, and Saturday, May 18, in the Claudia Boettcher Theatre.

It was the final performance for six graduating seniors: Harrison Clay, Ally Jinete, Leena Khurana, Amita Khurana, Katherine Sharon and Victoria Mayorga.

With the goal of embracing the School’s motto of being a power for good in the world, Dance Company has coined a new name for itself: Dancing Advocates. Using the art of dance as a vehicle to give voice to the underrepresented, Dance Company dedicated the concert to the School's year-long theme of advocacy. Dance Company had also dedicated its fall performances to the theme. Similarly to the fall concert, the audience was encouraged to participate by making a donation which would be given to two of the organizations highlighted in the concert. The first performance raised $399 for PTSD Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring, healing, and bringing to our combat veterans and their families with post-traumatic stress. The second performance raised $279 Article 19, which defends freedom of speech and expression.

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