Freshmen and Seniors Inventory Campus Trees

On Friday, May 31, the Classes of 2019 and 2022 joined forces for the first-ever forest tree inventory of The Masters School's woodlands.

The project results will provide baseline data that will be used to analyze the health of the local ecosystem. The inventory will also help the School envision a strong management plan for a healthier forest and teaching site in the future.

Students use fixed plot sampling to collect information related to tree species and nearby plants and wildlife. iNaturalist, a mobile phone app, was used to aid in classifications and to share information through their online database.

The senior class recorded 116 observations and the freshman class recorded 87 observations; each identified approximately 33 species. The seniors primarily saw birch trees, while the freshmen counted a high number of Norway maples, an invasive tree. In the senior class, Wyatt Gilbert made the most observations and Katie Accetta recorded the most species. In the freshman class, William Lauinger made the most observations and Oscar Sant’anna recorded the most species.

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