Global Climate Strike Inspires Students on Campus

Adding their voices to the demands of participants in the global climate strikes that took place in cities across the U.S. and the world on Friday, September 20, Masters School students participated in educational activities on campus that focused on the environment.

A group of seventh grade girls made posters and marched into Dobbs Ferry to raise awareness about environmental issues. Jordan Lee ’25, who was busy finalizing her protest sign before marching with her classmates, explained the necessity of keeping the Earth healthy: “It provides us with everything we eat and use.” Sarah Schlapp ’25 agreed, noting that “The Earth gives us life, so we should let it live, too.” 

During their protest walk, a number of passersby cheered on the students and drivers honked and gave thumbs up in solidarity. With smiles on their faces, the girls returned to school and joined Middle School Morning Meeting for a discussion about the ways in which individuals can make an impact. 

Middle school students watched a video of Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist and leader of the global climate strike, and, guided by Head of Middle School Tasha Elsbach, they engaged in a conversation about the different ways they are already helping the environment. “There were lots of actions being taken already,” Elsbach said. Initiatives ranged from installing solar panels and turning off the water when brushing their teeth to growing vegetables in the summer.

In the Upper School, students took the afternoon to participate in a variety of activities including composting, cleaning up the wooded areas around campus, upcycling water bottles and making posters that will be displayed around campus for the year. Students also had the opportunity to watch “Before the Flood,” a National Geographic documentary about climate change. 

Off campus, a number of students participated in the global climate strike in New York City. 

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