School Spirit on Display During Founder’s Day Celebration

The School’s annual celebration of founder Eliza Bailey Masters on Friday, October 4, was filled with school spirit, friendly competitions, and a whole lot of red and blue gear.

The Founder’s Day event is an opportunity for the entire community to gather, reflect on and celebrate the history and traditions of The Masters School. Students and faculty wear their team colors: blue for Delta and red for Phi, which combined make the school color, purple. The teams participate in a variety of competitions, including a mighty tug of war in the afternoon. 

The day began with an All School Meeting on Graduation Terrace, where Head of School Laura Danforth spoke about the School’s continued commitment to “stand firmly for the virtues of democracy, equality, civil discourse, courage, human rights, acceptance, kindness, love and forgiveness.” She reminded students and faculty that Masters is a place where all individuals are accepted and welcomed. “This is your school and Masters is your home,” she emphasized, and encouraged all members of the community to “think about what you want your legacy to be and then lean into that with every muscle you have.”

Danforth also announced five faculty award recipients: The Henry Sloane Coffin Fund for Religion (Brian Cheney), Thatcher Fund for English (Michaela Boller), Louise Harkness Lawrence Fund for Music (John-Alec Raubeson), Jane Rechtman Faculty Chair (Curt Ebersole) and Maureen Fonseca Faculty Chair for Teaching Excellence (Frank Greally). The awards were created in the 1960s and 1970s to acknowledge and strengthen the School’s hard-working teachers. 

The eighth and twelfth grade class presidents then took the stage to share the story of the School’s founding and history.

In the afternoon, both teams competed with their might during the Delta vs. Phi tug of war, after which the Middle School headed down to Evans Family Field for some more friendly games.

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