“Humans of Masters” Documents School Community Members

A medley of familiar faces currently adorns the Wenberg Gallery on the third floor of the Fonseca Center.

The exhibit, “Humans of Masters,” opened on Friday, November 22, and showcases the Photography 2 class’ portraits of Masters students, faculty, administration and staff.
The Humans of Masters unit in upper school photography teacher Rachel Langosch’s class is inspired by photographer Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York,” an online project that began with Stanton documenting New Yorkers by taking pictures of them and pairing the images with quotes they shared during their conversation. “So many intimate stories and fascinating images arose from Stanton’s work, and I thought it would be a great way to get my students engaged in and creating work that was meaningful while interacting with our whole community,” Langosch said. 
Langosch explained that part of the goal of this project, now in its third year, is to help students overcome the fear of interacting with strangers and integrate themselves further into our community. Morghan Lavery ’22, a student in the class, recognized that approaching people she didn’t know well made her nervous: “How am I going to go up to all these people and just start talking?” But, pairing up with a classmate and having preplanned questions made the adventure a bit easier.
Mariano Russo ’21, who is also taking the course, added that the project allowed him to get a glimpse into the lives of others. “People have multiple stories; [through the project] you learn about people.” 

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