Sixth Grader Stands Up for State Bird

Alex Pinnock ’26 cares about helping animals – especially the eastern bluebird, the state bird of New York.

Pinnock, who is a nest box monitor with Bronx River Shore Sound (BRSS) Audubon, recently spoke to the Middle School about his volunteer work with the conservation agency and the plight of the Empire State’s bird.
During Morning Meeting, on Friday, January 31, the sixth grader explained that his role at BRSS includes visiting assigned trails and checking the man-made enclosures for bird activity at least once every week. “It’s sort of is a big job,” Pinnock later explained. “You are part of the survival of a life. It’s an amazing feeling.”
Pinnock highlighted the work BRSS does to conserve the eastern bluebird, a native species that has been overtaken by the invasive house sparrows and European starlings. When he learned about the damage that the invasive birds had done to the indigenous bluebird, Pinnock decided to take some action; now he is calling on others to do the same. 

In his presentation, he encouraged his fellow students to spread awareness about the problem eastern bluebirds are facing and volunteer their time at BRSS. 
For Pinnock, getting involved in this work has been an opportunity, not just to help local animals, but to pursue a passion: “This is my dream. I’ve always wanted to be a conservation biologist.”