Junior Presents Research and Podcast for Masters Thesis

Sam New ’21 is passionate about school safety, and during her Masters Thesis presentation on Wednesday, April 15, New shared her research on how to make schools safer.

Her findings will soon be available in a podcast she created called “Schooled.” 

New presented during a Google Meeting and then took questions from the audience of more than 35 students and faculty. Her work focused on topics such as school resource officers and security officers, structural hardening of physical spaces, tracking individuals on campus, and training school communities for how to respond during an attack. Her research included studying commission reports from past school shootings, and on her podcast, she interviews parents, police officers, school administrators and other school safety stakeholders. 

“I hope attendees take away the importance and relevance of school safety,” New said. “I’m sure many of my peers have not thought extensively into school safety, and I hope that this was an eye-opening experience for them.” 

Community members should stay tuned for her podcast, the first episode of which will be released in the next couple of months; the remaining episodes will be available this summer.