Performing Arts Teacher Helps Faculty Stay Centered With Online Yoga Classes

Exercise, with its innumerable health benefits, is more important than ever these days, and drama and dance teacher Jason Reiff is aiming to keep the Masters community active with weekly adult yoga classes.
Reiff’s first set of classes, a 30-minute chair yoga and 60-minute vinyasa mat practice, took place earlier this week and was open to all faculty and staff; upcoming classes are open to all adults in the community. 

When the School transitioned to remote learning, the certified yoga instructor — who has been practicing for 25 years and teaching for eight — explained that it is “especially important right now for me to share that pathway to peace, acceptance, community and strength. It’s something very small I can do to feel of service during this time.” In addition to the myriad health benefits, he noted that “Yoga is a powerful instrument in illuminating our better more conscious and resilient selves.” 

Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Brown, who is working on virtual community engagement initiatives for faculty, took Reiff’s vinyasa class on Wednesday evening. “I loved it!” she shared. “I usually do yoga by myself, I’m not a gym or class person. But I have to admit, I liked taking it with a few people that I knew. It was fun and comforting.” Reiff, too, enjoyed the experience: “It was lovely and uplifting to see the faces of my colleagues sharing time and space together in the pursuit of health and mindfulness.” 

All adults in the Masters community are invited to attend the weekly classes, which are open to all fitness levels. The classes take place over Google Meet, and Reiff noted that “All are welcome, camera on or off.” 

Thursdays: Vinyasa mat yoga, 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

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