Sophomore Provides Meals for Local Healthcare Workers

When he’s not participating in remote learning, Christopher Barnaby ’22 has been spending his downtime working with two friends to deliver meals to healthcare workers at local hospitals.

Their initiative, Friends4Frontline, aims to feed those working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic while also supporting local restaurants and delis that have been impacted by the state-wide stay-at-home order.

Barnaby and two friends from outside of school, John Prince and Shane Daughtry, have focused their efforts on feeding those working the night shifts in hospitals since, as Barnaby noted, “They don’t have as much food as the day workers.” Indeed, while many individuals and businesses have donated food to local hospitals, that food is often dropped off during the day. “We have received emails saying how the night-shift workers don't have much leftover from the day-time shift and really appreciated us giving them the food,” Barnaby said. 

The trio started a gofundme campaign to ensure that they could continue to purchase enough food for the hospital workers, and, as of this writing, they have raised more than $8,800 for the cause. Thanks to the support of their many donors, the friends have already made 15 deliveries to three different hospitals — White Plains Hospital in White Plains, Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla and Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow — and are expanding the hospitals to include Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains and Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla. “Healthcare workers have a really thankless job, so giving them this small thanks for literally keeping us together means a lot,” Barnaby explained. 

Click here to watch a video from Westchester News 12 covering the Friends4Frontline initiative. 

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