Artists Document the Passing of Time With Sketches

Every day can feel quite similar under stay-at-home orders, but for students in Studio Art Major, the routine of daily life has become an inspiration.

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The class’ recent project, Time Stands Still, encouraged students to “pick a thing that happens or that you interact with every day of this isolation time” and document it every day. 

“As we stay in our homes, sheltering for safety, we begin to notice the people and things that surround us, things we took for granted each day when we were rushing through our busy lives,” Chair of the Department of Visual Arts Cheryl Hajjar explained. “Now we slow down, we pay attention, since our surroundings and their contents are limited. This sketchbook exercise is a way to document those everyday things and assign them beauty, excitement or celebrity by making them into art.” 

Subjects included fruits and vegetables, cats and dogs, masks and flowers. By documenting the more pedestrian elements of their lives, Hajjar hopes that the students’ work will “serve as a memoir of this time.” 


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